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Jacques Marie Mage

When mentioning Jacques Marie Mage, one can only think about the attention to details, the preciousness of the materials and the timeless style that characterizes this line of luxury eyewear.

Si tratta di un brand di Los Angeles specializzato nella micro-produzione di occhiali da sole e da vista, di manifattura giapponese. Gli occhiali prodotti sono rari e da collezione, combinano richiami storici con materiali ricercati e metodi di produzione innovativi.

Il brand, fondato nel 2014 da Jerome Jacques Marie Mage, si ispira alle storie delle personalità artistiche ed intellettuali del passato e cerca di osservarle, ricostruirle e raccontarle attraverso questi occhiali di altissima qualità che mantengano il gusto tratto da questa ispirazione. Ogni occhiale infatti ha una storia, raccontata facendo riferimento a icone culturali e movimenti artistici della storia moderna.

These glasses are handcrafted by artisans in Japan, combining innovative techniques with more traditional methods. The protocol used in the production process involves more than 300 steps and takes care of the functional and aesthetic details of the eyewear. For this very reason, special attention is paid to materials: is used the finest cellulose acetate, a renewable, non-petroleum, plant-based material that is aesthetic, durable and hypoallergenic.
Another material involved is titanium, which allows the brand to produce lightweight, durable and sophisticated eyewear.

Jacques Marie Mage glasses, that are quite comparable to works of art, are produced in a limited number, which is indicated in each piece, which is assigned a number from among all those that exist in the world.

To wear Jacque Marie Mage is to live an experience and wear a design product with timeless appeal.

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